Carer demographics file cluster

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Set Specification
METeOR identifier:493178
Registration status:Children and Families, Standard 22/11/2016
Community Services (retired), Recorded 10/10/2014
DSS type:Data Element Cluster

The Carer demographics file cluster contains demographic information about all carers who were authorised to provide funded home-based out-of-home-care placements at any point during the reference period. If individual carers are not recorded separately on jurisdictions' systems, a carer identifier should be assigned for the purpose of this collection and the primary carer demographic details recorded.

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:

For this file a person is a carer who was authorised to provide funded home-based out-of-home-care placements.

Collection methods:

Each carer will be a new line in the file.

Carer attributes which may be reported differently over time, such as Indigenous status and disability status, should be reported as at the end of the reference period (i.e. 31 August 2012).

Implementation start date:01/07/2011
Implementation end date:30/06/2013

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Steward:Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Reference documents:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) 2013. Child protection Australia 2011-12. Child welfare series no. 55. Cat. no. CWS 43. Canberra: AIHW.

Relational attributes

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:

Child protection NMDS 2012-13 Children and Families, Superseded 22/11/2016
Community Services (retired), Recorded 16/10/2014

Parent DSS specific attributes +

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

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Seq No.Metadata item Obligation Max occurs
1Person—person identifier, child protection NX[X(11)]Mandatory1
2Person—letters of family name, text XXXMandatory1
3Person—letters of given name, text XXMandatory1
4Person—date of birth, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
5Person—sex, code NMandatory1
6Person—Indigenous status, code NMandatory1