First steps

METEOR accounts

To find, view, print and download data standards, you can use METEOR as a general user, without needing an account. You do not need to register or do any training. However, you can sign up for an account if you wish – this enables you to save bookmarks to metadata. Most METEOR users are general users.

If you need to write or update metadata standards for your organisation, then you will need to get a developer account in METEOR. We provide the training for this role, and then you can be granted access to your workgroup.

Signing in and logging out

If you already have an account in METEOR, click on the Sign In button which you can see on the top of each page, and enter your account details.

If you don’t have an account yet, click on the Sign In button, and then on Sign up now and follow the instructions.

When you have finished working in METEOR, click on Sign Out in the drop-down menu under your name in the top menu bar. Closing your web browser does not sign you out of METEOR. If you don't log out yourself, you will be logged out of the system automatically after 8 hours.

If you are developing metadata, you must have a developer account in METEOR.

Viewing metadata

To find metadata in METEOR, use the Search function. These searches will generate lists of items. You can then narrow your search terms as needed. There is more information on the Search page (click on the “i” icon).

Some metadata items have the option to See more or See less detail. You will find this option for data set standards, data elements, data element concepts and value domains.

The shorter, less detailed version is the default for these elements. This is the best version if you’re a general user and just need to refer to metadata standards.

The longer version displays all the information from an element’s associated metadata elements. For example, the full view of a data element concept will include attributes from its object class and property. If you are a metadata developer, you will find the full view for these items very useful.


To develop metadata in METEOR, you need access to one or more workgroups and permission to edit the metadata within those workgroups. You also need to have completed the METEOR developer training.

A workgroup is a designated space within METEOR for developing metadata about a specific topic or collection. For example, when developing metadata to support the Admitted patient care national data collection, you would create drafts within the ‘Admitted patient care NMDS workgroup’.

Each workgroup has a manager. They will add you to the workgroup/s you need to be in. Please contact us if you need more information.