Metadata development resources

METEOR Business Rules

The METEOR Business Rules for Metadata Development specifies the rules to follow when creating metadata within the Metadata Online Registry (METEOR). The Business Rules are currently being updated. In the meantime, please refer to this version.

This document also forms the basis of the online help provided within METEOR. This help can be accessed by clicking on the information icons located throughout the site.

A guide to data development (2007)

This document outlines the main concepts underlying good data development, providing a sound theoretical basis on how to produce high-quality data. It also clearly spells out the role of metadata standards to describe the data, to ensure the data is consistent and that all users have a common understanding of what is collected. It is recommended reading for anyone who wants to work with metadata in METEOR.

Creating nationally-consistent health information: engaging with the national health information committees   (2014)

This document provides guidance on engaging with the national processes responsible for health information and data standards.