How to use METEOR

In this section you can learn how to find your way around METEOR. There are instructions on how to view metadata, how to log in and sign out of METEOR, using My Page, and how to print and download metadata. There's also a brief history of METEOR.

Metadata has a life cycle – items are created, submitted, edited, approved, and may eventually be superseded with updated standards. This means that some metadata is visible to everyone, and some is not, as it's still being developed or waiting for approval.

METEOR has various user roles, and you can view the metadata items in different ways depending on your role. General users can view a range of metadata items with public statuses, such as Standard, Recorded, Qualified and Superseded.

If you're a METEOR metadata developer, you will also be able to access items that are in development, and review, create, and edit metadata. You can find more information about this in our Metadata management and Learn about metadata sections.

If you're not seeing what you need to see in the metadata items, check our FAQs page. If you need more information about what the various types of metadata are, head over to our Learn about metadata section.