Downloading and printing

You can download metadata records from METEOR in Word and PDF formats, and print directly.

The downloading and printing tools are in the right-hand menu, which is visible when you view a metadata item.

Downloading metadata

Downloading metadata items means that you can have copies of them on your own computer for reference or editing.

Under ‘Download this item’ there are 3 options:

  • Word™
  • PDF
  • Advanced options

When downloading data set specifications, data elements, data element concepts and value domains you have the option to download the long 'technical' specifications, or the briefer 'friendly' form of the specifications. Use the 'See more' and 'See less' menu options to switch between these views.

Selecting the Advanced options provide you with further options, such as choosing whether to include supporting metadata items in an appendix. This means that if you are downloading a data element, for example, the file will also include additional components such as the object class and property, as well as any associated glossary items.

Under Advanced options you can also have the data elements in your document presented and ordered by their short name, rather than by their technical name. This is only available for data elements.

Selecting 'Long form' when printing or downloading a data set specification (DSS) will include all the data element concepts which are part of that DSS. If you select 'Long form' and 'Include supporting items' for a DSS, all data elements, object classes and properties, classification schemes and glossary items which are part of these data elements will be included. This can generate a very large file which may take a while to generate and download.

Once you have selected your options, you can download and save your document, or view it in your browser.

Note that if you have Include supporting items selected, this often generates large files that may take longer to generate, especially in data set specifications and data quality statements.

Printing metadata

You can use the print function from your browser to print METEOR pages, and you may find the 'print friendly' view version useful for this. You can access this under the View menu at the top of the right-hand menu. The print view removes page headers and menus. After selecting Print view, use your browser to print. You can also choose to 'Print to PDF' and save a PDF version this way.