Data quality statement

Diagram showing the different components of metadata in METEOR

Data quality statements (DQSs) provide information on the quality and suitability of the collected data for its original intended use and potential re-use. A DQS includes a range of information to help you understand the most important data limitations, and to make informed judgements about your use of the data.

The fields in this item are based on the ABS Quality Declaration, and can be linked to either an indicator or a data source. Linking an indicator with a data quality statement provides more robust information. This enables metadata in the form of the data quality statement to be associated with data collections for indicators and data sources.

AIHW policy requires DQSs for the collections where AIHW is the data custodian. DQSs relate to the actual data collected, not the data specifications and metadata. Otherwise, it is not compulsory to use a data quality statement with a data source or indicator, but it is highly recommended

Data custodians are responsible for preparing their DQSs. Additionally, each data source reported in a publication requires a DQS.

Once a DQS is created it is placed on METEOR, and is fully searchable. Publications also link to it from the Additional Information tab on their website.

The AIHW Data Quality Statement policy and guidelines (2024) are available here. [Internal document for AIHW staff only]

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