How to create metadata in METEOR

Creating metadata in METEOR is a complex process. The metadata standards in METEOR follow a very specific format based on an international standard, ISO/IEC 11179 . To meet quality standards, there are a number of steps to go through.

Broadly speaking, the process involves a subject-specialist workgroup working on the form and wording for the metadata needed, then various reviews by committees, with final authorisation from the relevant registration authority.

To create metadata, you will need to become a metadata developer within the METEOR system. As a developer you will then have the ability to create, edit and review metadata items within a private workgroup area, and submit completed metadata items to the appropriate registration authority.

The documents on our metadata development resources page are a good starting place for learning what metadata development in METEOR involves, and how the process goes. We recommend you read them before attending training.

If you have already completed your training and have a developer login, you can find more help in our How to use METEOR section.

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