Country code (SACC 2008) NNNN

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Value Domain
METeOR identifier:370934
Registration status:Housing assistance, Superseded 28/02/2012
Health, Superseded 22/11/2011
Homelessness, Superseded 28/02/2012
Commonwealth Department of Health, Candidate 16/07/2015
Community Services (retired), Superseded 28/02/2012
Definition:A SACC code set representing a country.

Representational attributes

Classification scheme:Standard Australian Classification of Countries 2008
Representation class:Code
Data type:Number
Maximum character length:4

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:

The Standard Australian Classification of Countries 2008 (SACC) is a four-digit, three-level hierarchical structure specifying major group, minor group and country.

A country, even if it comprises other discrete political entities such as states, is treated as a single unit for all data domain purposes. Parts of a political entity are not included in different groups. Thus, Hawaii is included in Northern America (as part of the identified country United States of America), despite being geographically close to and having similar social and cultural characteristics as the units classified to Polynesia.

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:

Supersedes Country code (SACC 1998) NNNN Housing assistance, Superseded 24/11/2008, Health, Superseded 01/10/2008, Community Services (retired), Superseded 02/06/2008

Has been superseded by Country code (SACC 2011) NNNN Housing assistance, Standard 13/10/2011, Health, Superseded 06/12/2016, Homelessness, Superseded 10/08/2018, Tasmanian Health, Archived 08/03/2017, WA Health, Endorsed 19/03/2015, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Standard 01/11/2012, Disability, Standard 07/10/2014, Children and Families, Superseded 11/11/2018, Community Services (retired), Standard 13/10/2011

Data elements implementing this value domain:

Person (address)—country identifier, code (SACC 2008) NNNN Health, Superseded 28/02/2012
Community Services (retired), Superseded 28/02/2012

Person—country of birth, code (SACC 2008) NNNN Housing assistance, Superseded 13/10/2011
Health, Superseded 22/11/2011
Homelessness, Superseded 13/10/2011
Commonwealth Department of Health, Candidate 16/07/2015
Community Services (retired), Superseded 13/10/2011