Tasmanian Health

The Tasmanian Health Registration Authority operates under the auspice of the Department of Health and Human Services in Tasmania.


The Registration Authority committee structure provided by Tasmanian Health is as follows:

Health Data Definition and Standards Committee (HDDSC)

Forum at state-wide level to discuss, resolve and make recommendations on metadata (METeORiTe) items.


DSI (Chair) and Reps, Clinical Costing, Area Health Service Reps - PAS (x3) and PIMS Managers (x3).

Health Services Reporting Working Group (HSRWG)

Decision making body with final approval of metadata (METeORiTe) items


Rotating Chair, DSI, ABF, Clinical Costing, Senior Area Health Service Reps (x3), Mental Health, S&Q.

Registered by Tasmanian Health

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