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Child Dental Health Survey 2010

Identifying and definitional attributes

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The Child Dental Health Survey (CDHS) has the aim to monitor the oral health of children attending the school dental services.

All states and territories provide subsidised dental care for school-aged children (usually a school dental service). Each participating jurisdiction provides oral health data annually to AIHW DSRU. Data provided are for a sample of children who visit a service. These data are compiled into a national dataset.

Reference period
Calendar year 2010.

Geographic detail
Data set includes children’s postcode of residence.

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Collection and usage attributes

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No data are collected for New South Wales as children attending the service have been triaged and are not representative of children who approached the service for care. Data are not currently provided for Victoria. Sampling ratios vary between jurisdictions (TableB1).

State/territory Sampling ratio (a) Days of birth
Gold Coast 1:1 Any
Other Queensland 1:15 1st and 6th
Western Australia 1:8.5 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st
South Australia 1:1 Any
Tasmania 1:1 Any
Australian Capital Territory 1:1 Any
Northern Territory 1:1 Any

(a) Sampling ratios are approximate only.

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The CDHS was first developed in 1977 and redesigned in 2004 by AIHW Dental Statistics and Research Unit (DSRU), in conjunction with the states and territories. 

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