Non-admitted patient emergency department service episode—triage category, (Tasmanian) code N

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:Triage category
METeOR identifier:729154
Registration status:Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 25/05/2020

The urgency of the patient's need for medical and nursing care as assessed at triage, as represented by a code.

Data Element Concept:Non-admitted patient emergency department service episode—triage category

Value domain attributes

Representational attributes

Representation class:Code
Data type:Number
Maximum character length:1
Permissible values:
0Dead on arrival on administration
1Resuscitation: immediate (within seconds)
2Emergency: within 10 minutes
3Urgent: within 30 minutes
4Semi-urgent: within 60 minutes
5Non-urgent: within 120 minutes
8Short stay bounce

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:

CODE 8     Short stay bounce

This code should now be used by all Tasmanian Emergency Departments.

Data element attributes

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:

Triage categories from 1 to 5 are sourced from the Australasian Triage Scale.  Triage category 0 and 8 are used to record patient information for Tasmanian emergency departments internal use only.  This enables recording of the episode so that the activity can be included or excluded from emergency department activity reporting, depending on requirement.

This triage classification is to be used in the emergency departments of hospitals. Patients will be triaged into one of seven categories on the Tasmanian Triage Scale.  If the initial triage category changes, both triage categories can be captured, but the initial triage category is used for reporting purposes.

Collection methods:

It refers to [TriageCategoryRefId] field in Health Central.

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:

Supersedes Non-admitted patient emergency department service episode—triage category, (Tasmanian) code N Tasmanian Health, Archived 25/05/2020

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:

Emergency department presentation related data elements (TDLU) cluster Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 18/05/2021

Tasmanian Emergency Department Data Set - 2020 Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 15/06/2020

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