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ABS 2017–18 National Health Survey (NHS) and Survey of Income and Housing (SIH) pooled data set (NHIH)

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The 2017-18 NHS collected information by face-to-face interview from usual residents of private dwellings in urban and rural areas in all states and territories of Australia, covering about 97% of the people living in Australia. Persons in scope of the survey were those identified by an adult within each sampled private dwelling as a usual resident of that dwelling. Private dwellings are houses, flats, home units, caravans, garages, tents and other structures being used as a place of residence at the time of the survey. The NHS was conducted from a sample of 16,376 private dwellings across Australia.

Data from the 2017-18 NHS and the 2017-18 Survey of Income and Housing (SIH) was combined to produce the National Health Survey and Survey of Income and Housing pooled dataset (NHIH).

The structure of the 2017-18 pooled NHIH dataset is as follows:

  • Household level - containing information about household size and structure, dwelling characteristics (including geographic classifications), and household income details.
  • Selected Person level - which is the main level, containing demographic and socio-economic characteristics of survey respondents, and smoking related information they provided.
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Australian Bureau of Statistics