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Metadata item type:Help on this termGlossary Item
Synonymous names:Help on this termApplicant
METeOR identifier:Help on this term689413
Registration status:Help on this termChildren and Families, Superseded 03/11/2021
Definition:Help on this term

A married couple, a de facto couple or a single person. The method by which the applicant becomes an official client will vary for each jurisdiction, and might be when the department first opens a file, when the applicant registers, or when the applicant is invited to attend an information session. For the purpose of this report, applicants who are already a client of the department, but are applying to adopt a subsequent child, or reapplying to adopt, are counted as applicants applying for the first time.

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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Has been superseded by Applicant (adoption) Children and Families, Standard 03/11/2021

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Adoptions DSS 2016-17 Children and Families, Superseded 12/11/2018

Adoptions DSS 2017-18 Children and Families, Superseded 02/12/2019

Adoptions DSS 2018-19 Children and Families, Superseded 20/01/2021

Adoptions DSS 2019-20 Children and Families, Superseded 03/11/2021

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