Person—partner's date of birth, MMYYYY

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:Partner's date of birth
METeOR identifier:666180
Registration status:Commonwealth Department of Social Services (retired), Standard 20/06/2018

The month and year of birth of the person's partner.


Required for a range of clinical and administrative purposes.

Date of birth enables derivation of age for use in demographic analyses, assists in the unique identification of clients if other identifying information is missing or in question, and may be required for the derivation of other metadata items (e.g. the diagnosis related group for admitted patients).

Data Element Concept:Person—partner's date of birth

Value domain attributes

Representational attributes

Representation class:Date
Data type:Date/Time
Maximum character length:6

Data element attributes

Collection and usage attributes

Collection methods:

In some collections data may be reported in DDMMYYYY format. Agencies providing data to other agencies may choose to provide the abbreviated version (MMYYYY) to protect the privacy of respondents.

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:

Australian Government Department of Social Services

Relational attributes

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:

Demographics Cluster Commonwealth Department of Social Services (retired), Standard 20/06/2018

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