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Palliative care outcomes collection

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The Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC) collects data on palliative care patient outcomes from participating services in both inpatient (hospital) and community settings. Data are obtained from clinical assessments conducted during routine clinical practice.

Standardised clinical assessment tools are used by clinicians to identify and manage symptoms and problems in palliative care. The dataset includes the following clinical assessment tools: 

  • Palliative Care Phase
  • Symptom Assessment Scale (SAS)
  • Palliative Care Problem Severity Score (PCPSS)
  • Australia-modified Karnofsky Performance Status (AKPS) Scale
  • Resource Utilisation Group—Activities of Daily Living (RUG-ADL). 

Data using Version 1 of the PCOC data set were collected between January 2006 and January 2007. Version 2 of the data set was enacted from July 2007, and Version 3 was implemented in July 2012.

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The PCOC is a national program using standardised validated clinical assessment tools to benchmark and measure outcomes in palliative care. Participation in the PCOC is open to all palliative care service providers across Australia and is voluntary.
A Manual is available: PCOC Version 3.0 Data set: data dictionary and technical guidelines.

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Australian Health Services Research Institute.