Prescriber Bag

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Metadata item type:Glossary Item
Synonymous names:Doctor's Bag; Prescriber's Bag
METeOR identifier:600706
Registration status:Commonwealth Department of Health, Standard 17/12/2015

A provision within the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) whereby certain pharmaceutical benefits are provided without charge to prescribers who, in turn, can supply them free to patients for emergency use.


Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

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The Prescriber Bag supply order form must be completed in triplicate, signed and the original and duplicate given to a pharmacist. Each form is valid for the month indicated on the form.

Prescribers may order the maximum quantity of an item, provided they do not already have the maximum quantity on hand. The items can only be obtained once a month. Prescribers may also ask for a particular brand of a pharmaceutical benefit. If it is unavailable, they must specify another listed brand, and initial the alteration.

A receipt must be signed by the prescriber, or by an authorised representative, when supplies are received.

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Steward:Department of Health

Department of Health 2014. Prescriber Bag (Emergency drug supply) web page. Department of Health, Canberra. Viewed 22 September 2015,

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