Feedback collection method code N[N]

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Value Domain
METeOR identifier:527155
Registration status:Disability, Standard 13/08/2015
Community Services (retired), Standard 10/04/2013

A code set representing methods used to actively collect feedback.

Representational attributes

Representation class:Code
Data type:Number
Maximum character length:2
Permissible values:
1Questionnaire - periodic face-to-face interview
2Questionnaire - face-to-face interview on exit
3Questionnaire - periodic telephone interview
4Questionnaire - telephone interview on exit
5Questionnaire - periodic written survey
6Questionnaire - written survey on exit
7Questionnaire - on-line feedback survey
8Feedback focus group

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:

Supersedes Feedback collection method code N Health, Retired 02/12/2015

Data elements implementing this value domain:

Service provider organisation—feedback collection method, code N[N] Disability, Standard 13/08/2015
Community Services (retired), Standard 10/04/2013