Referral to psychosocial services indicator

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METeOR identifier:431244
Registration status:Health, Standard 08/05/2014

An indicator of whether a patient has been referred to psychosocial services.

The psychosocial needs of patients vary with their circumstances; however, most patients will experience some degree of practical, psychological and emotional challenges as a result of their diagnosis and treatment-related adverse effects.

For instance, patients undergoing treatment may experience fear, anxiety and depression, while managing the demands of work and family with the demands of treatment may create enormous stress.

Providers of psychosocial services support patients and develop strategies to identify and minimise the social and psychological impact of their health condition.
Property group:Referral event

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Submitting organisation:Cancer Australia
Reference documents:

National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre and National Cancer Control Initiative 2003. Clinical practice guidelines for the psychosocial care of adults with cancer. Camperdown, NSW: National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre

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Person with cancer—referral to psychosocial services indicator Health, Standard 08/05/2014