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AIHW Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) National Data Collection 2007-08

Identifying and definitional attributes

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The SAAP National Data Collection has provided annual information on the provision of assistance through the SAAP since 1996-97. The AIHW has had the role of National Data Collection Agency since the collection's inception. The National Data Collection consists of distinct components, each of which can be thought of as separate collection - the Client Collection, the Administrative Data Collection and the Demand for Accommodation Collection.
The Client Collection collects information about he clients receiving SAAP support of at least 1-hour duration. Data collected include basic sociodemographic information and information on the services requested by, and provided to, each client. Information about each client's situation before and after receiving SAAP support is also collected.
The Administrative Data Collection provides information about the agencies providing SAAP accommodation and support services. The Demand for Accommodation Collection is conducted twice a year for two 1-week periods. It measures the level of unmet demand for SAAP accommodation by collecting information about the number of requests for accommodation from SAAP agencies that are not met, for whatever reason.

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Collection and usage attributes

National reporting arrangement:Help on this termAnnual from 1996-97 onwards.
Frequency:Help on this termAnnual

Source and reference attributes

Data custodian:Help on this termAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare.
Data custodian contact details:Help on this termUnit Head, Homelessness Data Collection Agency, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.