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National Cervical Screening Program

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The National Cervical Screening Program aims to reduce morbidity and deaths from cervical cancer, in a cost-effective manner through an organised approach to cervical screening. The Program encourages women in the target population to have regular Pap smears.

In 1988, the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council established the Cervical Cancer Screening Evaluation Steering Committee to examine cervical screening. In light of their findings, the Committee recommended health authorities establish an organised approach to screening which would provide better protection against cervical cancer. In 1991, the Organised Approach to Preventing Cancer of the Cervix was established as a joint initiative of the Australian and State and Territory governments. In 1995 it was renamed the National Cervical Screening Program.

The Program promotes routine screening with Pap smears every two years for women between the ages of 18 (or two years after first sexual intercourse, whichever is later) and 69 years.

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Data from the state and territory screening programs is complied by AIHW for reporting.

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