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National Health Data Dictionary (NHDD) Version 13.3

The national metadata standards for the health sector are published in the National Health Data Dictionary by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Downloading the NHDD

The NHDD was downloaded from METEOR on 09/02/2008. Changes to the data elements and data set specifications since version 13.2 of the NHDD was downloaded are available in a separate document called ‘National health data dictionary summary of updates since version 13.2’.

Large file warning

The NHDD is a large document that has been broken up into 8 volumes with the data elements in alphabetical order by 'Short name'.Some of the Word documents are 3 MB and may exceed the capacity of some systems if downloaded.

National Health Data Dictionary Version 13.2 Word format PDF Date downloaded
Summary of updates to the NHDD version 13.2 since 05/07/2007 Word Word document icon (1.7MB) PDF PDF icon (630KB) 09/02/2008
List of data elements by short name Word Word document icon (650KB) PDF PDF icon (208KB) 09/02/2008
List of data elements by technical name Word Word document icon (667KB) PDF PDF icon (203KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 1 data elements A to Co Word Word document icon (2.56MB) PDF PDF icon (961KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 2 data elements Cr to Ful Word Word document icon (2.74MB) PDF PDF icon (989KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 3 data elements Fun to Le Word Word document icon (2.57MB) PDF PDF icon (974KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 4 data elements Li to Po Word Word document icon (2.78MB) PDF PDF icon (877KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 5 data elements Pr to So Word Word document icon (2.93MB) PDF PDF icon (885KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 6 data elements Sp to Y Word Word document icon (2.6MB) PDF PDF icon (800KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 7 NMDSs, DSSs, Object classes, Properties A to H Word Word document icon (2.84MB) PDF PDF icon (963KB) 09/02/2008
Volume 8 Properties I to Y, Classification schemes, Glossary items Word Word document icon (2.48MB) PDF PDF icon (960KB) 09/02/2008