Health labour force

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All those in paid employment, unpaid contributing family workers, and unpaid volunteers:

  • whose primary employment role is to achieve a health outcome for either individuals or the population as a whole, whether this is in clinical, research, education, administrative or public health capacities
  • employed in the health industry defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, other than those already included.

The health labour force consists of all those persons included in the health work force plus all those persons not currently employed in the health work force who are seeking employment therein. Health professionals registered in Australia but working overseas are excluded from the national health labour force. Health professionals registered in a particular state or territory but working solely in another state or territory or overseas are excluded from the health labour force for that state or territory.

Context:Health labour force statistics and public hospital establishments.

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National Health Labour Force Data Working Group.

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