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Person—government funding identifier, Centrelink customer reference number {N(9)A}

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Element
Short name:Help on this termCentrelink customer reference number
Synonymous names:Help on this termCRN; Centrelink reference number
METeOR identifier:Help on this term270098
Registration status:Help on this termHealth, Standard 01/03/2005
Definition:Help on this term

A personal identifier assigned by Centrelink for the purposes of identifying people (and organisations) eligible for specific services, including some public health care services, such as oral health services.

Data Element Concept:Person—government funding identifier

Value domain attributes

Representational attributes

Representation class:Help on this termIdentifier
Data type:Help on this termString
Format:Help on this term{N(9)A}
Maximum character length:Help on this term10

Data element attributes

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:Help on this term

The CRN should only be collected from persons eligible to receive health services that are to be funded by Centrelink. The number may be reported to a Centrelink agency to reconcile payment for the service provided. The data should not be used by private sector organisations for any purpose unless specifically authorised by law. For example, data linkage should not be carried out unless specifically authorised by law.

Collection methods:Help on this termThe Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) is provided on 'Health Care Cards' and 'Pensioner Concession Cards'.
Comments:Help on this term

When a person accesses health services on the basis of being a Centrelink customer, collection of the CRN is usually necessary. This data should not be collected and recorded if it is not needed to support the provision of such health services.

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:Help on this termStandards Australia
Origin:Help on this termAS5017 Health Care Client Identification

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:Help on this term

Supersedes Centrelink customer reference number, version 1, DE, NHDD, NHIMG, Superseded 01/03/2005 .pdf (14.5 KB)

Has been superseded by Person—government funding identifier, Centrelink customer reference number N(9)A Housing assistance, Standard 23/08/2010, Homelessness, Superseded 10/08/2018, Community Services (retired), Standard 12/08/2008

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:Help on this term

Health care client identification Health, Superseded 04/05/2005

Health care client identification DSS Health, Superseded 03/12/2008

Health care client identification DSS Health, Retired 20/03/2013

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