Approval process

METeOR supports a well-defined process for developing national metadata standards.

Expert groups

The initial development of national metadata standards is undertaken by groups of nationally-recognised subject matter experts (e.g. a national committee of diabetes care specialists). METeOR provides a private workspace for such groups to create a draft item. This item is assigned a registration status of Not registered.

Once the expert group has agreed upon the item, it is submitted to the Registrar for consideration. This submission is completed by altering the registration status of the item to Proposed

Data committees

The Registrar then undertakes a quality assurance review of the proposed item, notifying the expert group of any concerns. Once any concerns have been resolved, the Registrar advances the registration status of the item to Recorded, which means a hard copy of the item can be submitted to the relevant national data or information committee in the health, community services and housing assistance sectors.

The committee reviews the item, and if accepted as the standard falling within its area of responsibility, is advanced to Candidate registration status. Candidate items that are successfully reviewed by the committee are then assigned a Standardisation pending status and referred to the relevant Registration authority.

Registration authorities

The registration authorities of the applicable sector/s review the data or information committee recommendations and assigns Standard status to the item where appropriate.