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Metadata registry

METeOR is a metadata registry based on the 2003 version of the ISO/IEC 11179 Information technology - Metadata registries standard.

More information on this standard is available on the international standards for metadata and related technologies workgroup and the International Organization for Standardization websites.

A metadata registry is a system or application where metadata is stored, managed and disseminated. METeOR was developed to store, manage and disseminate metadata in the Australian health, community services and housing assistance sectors.

As a metadata registry METeOR also provides tools for the online development of metadata. Metadata developers are able to submit new metadata to METeOR which is stored in structures based on the ISO/IEC 11179 standards.

METeOR allows registry staff (known as registrars) to advance these metadata through a defined endorsement process on the authority of the relevant governance body (known as Registration authorities). Once metadata are endorsed, METeOR allows these metadata to be located and viewed on the web and to be downloaded as documents.