Department of Health Western Australia

DoHWA Data Set Specifications

This page has been created as part of developing the documentation of standard data definitions and related metadata within the Department of Health WA (DoHWA) metadata repository. These specifications have been agreed by the nominated committee within DoHWA, and can be can be accessed via the following METEOR links [not publicaly visible]:

  • WA Health Admitted Patient DC
  • WA Health Emergency Department DC 2012-2013
  • WA Health Midwives Notification System DC
  • WA Health Non-Admitted Patient Activity and Waitlist DC
  • WA Health Reproductive Technology DC

To search for data items endorsed by the Department of Health WA see the links below:

Item typesRegistration Status
Data set specificationsStandard data sets
Superseded data sets (n/a)
Data elementsStandard data elements
Superseded data elements (n/a)