Supplementary values

The following information is applicable to value domains only.


A list of codes and code descriptions representing values produced in the data cleaning process (i.e. were not specified on the data collection form).


Optional completion.

Development rules

Supplementary values should not fall within the scope of the value domain definition. For example, a value domain defined as ‘a code set representing languages’ may include the permissible values: 1 English, 3 Sign language, 5 Other language, and the supplementary values: 8 Inadequately described, 9 Not stated. A Value domain defined as ‘a code set representing sign language’ may include the permissible values: 1 Auslan, 2 American Sign language, 3 Other language (non-spoken), and the supplementary value: 5 Other language (spoken).

To assign supplementary values:

  1. Click the Add button. This will create two text fields in which the supplementary values can be entered.
  2. In the text field located to the left of screen, enter the supplementary value (e.g. the numeric character ‘5’ from the example above).
  3. In the text field located on the right of screen, enter the description of the supplementary value (e.g. the text string ‘Other language (spoken)’ from the example above).
  4. To add another supplementary value click the Add button again and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Continue this process until all supplementary values are recorded.
  6. To remove any of the values added, click the Remove button located to the right of the description text field.
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