Disability (Child protection)

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Registration status:Children and Families, Standard 03/11/2021

Disability is the umbrella term for any or all of: an impairment of body structure or function, a limitation in activities, or a restriction in participation.

Disability is a multidimensional concept, and is considered as an interaction between health conditions and environment and personal factors. It refers to a limitation, restriction or impairment which has lasted, or is likely to last for at least six months and restricts every day activities.


Child protection

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This definition of disability applies within the Child protection national minimum data set. For more information, see the Glossary Item Disability.

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) 2021. Child protection national minimum data set, data collection manual 2020-21. Canberra: AIHW.

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See also Disability Health, Standard 29/06/2016, Disability, Standard 28/09/2016, Children and Families, Standard 03/11/2021

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