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Public hospital service research activities cluster

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Set Specification
METeOR identifier:Help on this term731543
Registration status:Help on this termHealth, Standard 05/02/2021
DSS type:Help on this termData Element Cluster
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The Public hospital service research activities cluster describes information relating to the research infrastructure, capability and activity within a public hospital service.

Research refers to the activities undertaken in a public health service where the primary objective is the advancement of knowledge that ultimately aims to improve consumer and patient health outcomes and/or health system performance. The activity must be undertaken in a structured and ethical way, be formally approved by a research governance or ethics body, and have potential for application outside of the health service in which the activity is undertaken.

For activity based funding purposes, the definition of research relates to the public health service’s contribution to maintain research capability, excluding the costs of research activities that are funded from a source other than the state or territory or provided in kind.

Collection and usage attributes

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The Public hospital service research activities cluster comprises three data elements that provide information on the number of full-time equivalent research directorate staff, number of peer reviewed articles published and number of approved research projects.

Source and reference attributes

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Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Relational attributes

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Supersedes Public hospital service research activities cluster Health, Superseded 05/02/2021, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Standard 27/11/2017

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Hospital teaching, training and research activities NBEDS 2021–22 Health, Standard 05/02/2021

Parent DSS specific attributes +

Metadata items in this Data Set SpecificationHelp on this term

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-Establishment—full-time equivalent research directorate staff, total N[NNN{.N}]Mandatory1
-Establishment—number of approved research projects, total N[NNN]Mandatory1
-Establishment—number of peer reviewed articles published, total N[NNN]Mandatory1
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