Specialised mental health service—residual expenditure (education and training), total Australian currency N[N(8)]

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:Residual expenditure (mental health service)—education and training
METeOR identifier:722106
Registration status:Health, Standard 16/01/2020

Expenditure in Australian dollars by specialised mental health services that cannot be directly related to programs operated by a particular organisation or service unit (that is, can only be indirectly related to a particular organisation or service unit).   Education and training refers to the cost of professional training and staff development activity within the mental health services managed by the organisation, region or state/territory administration that have not been included in expenditure reported elsewhere.

Data Element Concept:Specialised mental health service—residual expenditure (education and training)

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Representational attributes

Representation class:Total
Data type:Currency
Maximum character length:9
Unit of measure:Australian currency (AU$)

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Guide for use:

Excludes payments to non-government organisations for services that are to be reported separately. These are payments for accommodation services, advocacy services, community awareness services, counselling services, independent living skills support services, pre-vocational training services, psychosocial support services, recreational services, respite services, self-help support group services and other unspecified services payments.

Grants made to external agencies for the development of training-related resources materials or programs may also be reported under this category.

Collection methods:

Residual mental health expenditure is to be reported only at the level at which the expenditure occurred (state/territory, region or organisational), and should not be counted at more than one level. Expenditure should be reported for these categories, where applicable.

Where they do exist, expenditure on schools of nursing should be reported at the organisation level.

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Supersedes Specialised mental health service—residual expenditure (education and training), total Australian currency N[N(8)] Health, Superseded 16/01/2020, ACT Health, Final 17/08/2018

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:

Mental health establishments NMDS 2020–21 Health, Standard 16/01/2020

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