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Service Agreement - Department of Health Tasmania: 2018, Clients assessed within 28 days of a screen-detected abnormality, 2018

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termIndicator
Indicator type:Help on this termIndicator
Short name:Help on this termClients Assessed within 28 days of mammogram screening
METeOR identifier:Help on this term700621
Registration status:Help on this termTasmanian Health, Endorsed 28/03/2019
Description:Help on this term

The percentage of women who are called back for further assessment within 28 days of being screened out of all women called back for further assessment within the reporting period.  The BreastScreen Australia National Accreditation Standard (NAS) 3.7.2(a) specifies that for the target age groups (50-69 years) this level of performance should be achieved for at least 90% of women called back to assessment.  As this is a measure of performance this value can be compared between all reporting periods.

Indicator set:Help on this termService Plan - Department of Health Tasmania: 2018 Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 28/03/2019

Collection and usage attributes

Computation:Help on this term

100 x (Numerator ÷ Denominator)

Numerator:Help on this term

Number of women assessed within 28 days

Denominator:Help on this term

Number of women assessed by service

Representational attributes

Representation class:Help on this termPercentage
Data type:Help on this termReal
Unit of measure:Help on this termPerson
Format:Help on this term


Accountability attributes

Reporting requirements:Help on this term

2018-19 Service Agreement

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