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Activity based funding

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A method of funding health services based on amount and type of activity.

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Activity based funding in the context of health is a method of funding hospitals and health services whereby health services are funded for the provision of patient care based on the type and mix of patients they treat. A set amount is paid to the health service based on the relative cost of the group to which the patient is classified.

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Activity based funding has three essential elements:

Classification: Allocation of patients treated into groups which allow weightings to be applied. The groups should have resource use homogeneity (patients within a group should cost a similar amount to treat) and be clinically coherent (patients within a group should be clinically similar).

Activity data: Counting the patients treated.

Cost data: Determining the cost of treatment.

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Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

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Department of Health 2013. Department of Health, Canberra. Viewed 2 September 2016,

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Has been superseded by Activity based funding Health, Standard 25/01/2018, ACT Health, Final 10/08/2018

Supersedes Activity based funding Health, Superseded 05/10/2016, Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 20/12/2016, Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Standard 31/10/2012

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