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Children Cluster

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Set Specification
METeOR identifier:Help on this term650587
Registration status:Help on this termCommonwealth Department of Social Services (retired), Standard 20/06/2018
DSS type:Help on this termData Element Cluster
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The Children Cluster defines information about recipients of Centrelink benefits who have children for whom they are eligible to receive a Family Tax Benefit (FTB) payment, a Double Orphan Pension or a Multiple Birth Allowance.

Collection and usage attributes

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Family Tax Benefit Part A or B

A FTB payment is a two-part payment that helps with the cost of raising children. To be eligible for the payment a recipient must:

  • have a dependent child (aged 015 years), or secondary student younger than 20 years of age who is not receiving a pension, payment or benefit such as Youth Allowance
  • provide care for the child for at least 35% of the time
  • meet an income test.

A young person aged 19 can be an FTB child up to the end of the calendar year in which they turn 19, as long as they are in full-time secondary study.

Double Orphan Pension

The Double Orphan Pension is a payment to a recipient who cares for a child where:

  • both parents deceased, or
  • one parent is deceased and the other parent is: in prison for at least 10 years, or held on remand and charged with an offence that may be punishable by imprisonment for a term of at least 10 years, or in a psychiatric hospital or nursing home for an indefinite period of time, or uncontactable, that is, whose whereabouts are unknown, or
  • both parents live outside Australia or their whereabouts are unknown, and the child has been granted refugee status by the Australian Government, or admitted into Australia under a special humanitarian program approved by the Minister with portfolio responsibility and has not at any time lived in Australia with either or both parents.

Source and reference attributes

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Australian Government Department of Social Services

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Priority investment approach research DSS Commonwealth Department of Social Services (retired), Standard 20/06/2018

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1Recipient—family tax benefit child, total number N[N]Conditional1
2Recipient—youngest family tax benefit child date of birth, MMYYYYConditional1
3Recipient—regular care child, total number N[N]Conditional1
4Recipient—youngest regular care child date of birth, MMYYYYConditional1
5Recipient—Double Orphan Pension eligibility indicator, yes/missing code AMandatory1
6Recipient—multiple birth indicator, yes/missing code AMandatory1
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