Appointment—multiple health care provider indicator

Metadata item type:Data Element Concept
METeOR identifier:643163
Registration status:WA Health, Endorsed 01/06/2017

An indicator for whether a patient receives care from multiple health care providers at their appointment.

Object Class attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Object class:Appointment
Definition:An agreed date and time that is reserved for the provision of scheduled or unscheduled health services to a person or group of persons.

Property attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Property:Multiple health-care provider indicator

An indicator of the involvement of multiple health-care providers.

Property group:Service provision event

Collection and usage attributes


The definition of 'multiple health-care provider' can vary depending on the context and/or collection in which the term is being applied.

For example, in the context of reporting non-admitted activity data for activity based funding, 'multiple health-care provider' means three or more health-care providers who deliver care either individually or jointly within a non-admitted patient service event.

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Submitting organisation:

Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

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Data Elements implementing this Data Element Concept:

Appointment—multiple health care provider indicator, (derived) yes/no/not stated/inadequately described code N WA Health, Endorsed 01/06/2017