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National non-admitted patient emergency department care database

Identifying and definitional attributes

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The National Non-admitted Patient Emergency Department Care Database (NNAPEDCD) is compiled from data supplied by the state and territory health authorities. It is a collection of electronic confidentialised summary records for non-admitted patients treated in public hospital emergency departments.

The NNAPEDCD provides information on the care provided (including waiting times for care) for non-admitted patients registered for care in emergency departments in public hospitals where the emergency department meets the following criteria:

  • purposely designed and equipped area with designated assessment, treatment and resuscitation areas
  • ability to provide resuscitation, stabilisation and initial management of all emergencies
  • availability of medical staff in the hospital 24 hours a day
  • designated emergency department nursing staff 24 hours per day 7 days per week, and a
  • designated emergency department nursing unit manager.

Patients who were dead on arrival are in scope if an emergency department clinician certified the death of the patient. Patients who leave the emergency department after being triaged and then advised of alternative treatment options are in scope.

The scope includes only physical presentations to emergency departments. Advice provided by telephone or video conferencing is not in scope, although it is recognised that advice received by telehealth may form part of the care provided to patients physically receiving care in the emergency department.

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 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare