Acute stroke clinical care standard indicators: 6a-Carer support needs assessment

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Indicator
Indicator type:Indicator
Short name:Indicator 6a-Carer support needs assessment
METeOR identifier:627819
Registration status:Health, Candidate 04/04/2017

Proportion of patients with a final diagnosis of acute stroke whose carer(s) have had a documented formal needs assessment prior to separation from hospital.


Assessment of carer support needs allows for referral to appropriate services.

Indicator set:Clinical care standard indicators: acute stroke Health, Candidate 14/03/2017
Outcome area:Carer training and support Health, Candidate 14/03/2017

Collection and usage attributes

Computation description:

Both the numerator and the denominator include patients with a final diagnosis of acute stroke. The final diagnosis is made at the hospital where the patient is admitted for the acute phase of management of their stroke.

Both the numerator and the denominator only include patients separated to their usual residence, own accommodation or welfare institution following the acute episode of care (i.e. where Episode of admitted patient care—separation mode, code N = 9 Other).  Welfare institutions includes prisons, hostels and group homes providing primarily welfare services.

Both the numerator and denominator exclude:

  • Acute stroke patients separated from hospital who do not have a carer.
  • Acute stroke patients or carer(s) that refuse a formal assessment.

Presented as a percentage.


(Numerator ÷ denominator) x 100


Number of patients with a final diagnosis of acute stroke whose carer(s) have had a documented formal needs assessment.


Number of patients with a final diagnosis of acute stroke who have a carer upon separation from hospital.

Representational attributes

Representation class:Percentage
Data type:Real
Unit of measure:Episode


Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care