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Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) state/territory data extract 2013-14

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Set Specification
METeOR identifier:Help on this term603356
Registration status:Help on this termCommonwealth Department of Health, Standard 14/10/2015
DSS type:Help on this termData Element Cluster
Scope:Help on this term

This data set specification describes the output data set made available via the Department of Health's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in relation to the ongoing operations of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

The data set contains data as presented for analysis by users of the EDW, i.e. the data has generally undergone some degree of validation or reformatting in comparison with the raw input data sets provided to the Department of Health by the Department of Human Services.

In some use cases, data produced in accordance with the structure described in this data set specification may need to be suppressed, de-identified or perturbed by the Department of Health in order to protect the privacy and/or confidentiality of individual patients and service providers.

Collection and usage attributes

Collection methods:Help on this term

The data described in this data set specification is administrative by-product data generated by the ongoing daily operations of the MBS.

Medicare benefits are claimable for ‘clinically relevant’ services rendered by an appropriate health practitioner.

Implementation start date:Help on this term01/07/2013
Implementation end date:Help on this term30/06/2014

Source and reference attributes

Steward:Help on this termDepartment of Health
Origin:Help on this term

Department of Human Services, Canberra. Viewed 27 April 2015,

Metadata items in this Data Set SpecificationHelp on this term

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Seq No.Help on this termMetadata itemHelp on this term ObligationHelp on this term Max occursHelp on this term
1Service/care provider—Medicare service provider identifier, NNNNNNMandatory1
2Service/care provider—Medicare service provider practice location identifier, text XMandatory1
3Address—Australian postcode, Australian postcode code (Postcode datafile) {NNNN}Mandatory1
4Service/care provider—Australian state/territory identifier, ACT-prioritised Australian state/territory code NMandatory1
5Service/care provider—Australian state/territory identifier, ACT-prioritised Australian state/territory code NMandatory1
6Service/care provider—Medicare referring provider identifier, NNNNNNMandatory1
7Service/care provider—Medicare referring provider practice location identifier, XMandatory1
8Address—Australian postcode, Australian postcode code (Postcode datafile) {NNNN}Mandatory1
9Service/care provider—specialty of requesting provider, health professional specialty group code NNMandatory1
10Person—Medicare personal identifier number, N(9)Mandatory1
11Person—date of birth, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
12Person—sex, code AMandatory1
13Address—Australian postcode, Australian postcode code (Postcode datafile) {NNNN}Mandatory1
14Person—Australian state/territory identifier, ACT-prioritised code NMandatory1
15Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item identifier, NN[NNN]Mandatory1
16Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) category, code N[N]Mandatory1
17Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) group, code ANNMandatory1
18Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) subgroup, code ANNNNMandatory1
19Service event—date of Medicare service, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
20Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) processing date, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
21Record—Department of Health Broad Type of Service (BTOS) hierarchy, code NNNNMandatory1
22Service event—type of Medicare billing, code AMandatory1
23Service event—Medicare in-hospital treatment indicator, yes/no code AMandatory1
24Service/care provider—number of Medicare services provided, total number NMandatory1
25Service event—number of Medicare services claimed, total number NMandatory1
26Service event—amount of Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) benefit paid, Australian currency N[NNN].NNMandatory1
27Service event—Medicare fee charged, total Australian currency N[NNN].NNMandatory1
28Service event—Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) schedule fee, total Australian currency N[NNN].NNMandatory1
29Service event—number of radiotherapy fields for radiotherapy items, total number NConditional1
30Service event—number of time periods for epidural anaesthetic items, total number NConditional1
31Service event—Number of patients seen for non-referred attendance items, total number NConditional1
32Service event—number of foetal tests done for foetal intervention items, total number NConditional1
33Service/care provider—geographic remoteness, Medicare remoteness classification (ASGS-RA) NMandatory1
34Service/care provider—geographic remoteness, Medicare remoteness classification (ASGS-RA) NMandatory1
35Service event—Medicare diagnostic imaging multiple services rule, code AMandatory1
36Service event—Medicare multiple procedure type, code AMandatory1
37Service event—Medicare referral reason, code NMandatory1
38Service/care provider—specialty of servicing provider, health professional specialty group code NNMandatory1
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