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Australian Government Department of Social Services Ageing and Aged Care data warehouse

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The Department of Social Services aged care data warehouse holds data for residential and community aged care programs administered by the Department of Social Services. The warehouse holds data on: service providers; services; places; people; assessments; outputs; funding; quality and compliance. The data is provided to the Department by service providers, Aged Care Assessment Teams, Medicare Australia and the Aged Care Accreditation Agency.

The Department of Social Services is the data custodian for the data for programs wholly funded by the Commonwealth. Custodianship is shared with the states and territories where the program is jointly funded or managed with the states and territories.

Data is collected in accordance with relevant legislation and the business processes of each specific aged care program. The timing of data provisions to the warehouse ranges from daily to annually. Published data and data dictionaries are available from the Department's web site.

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Department of Social Services