National Health Performance Authority, Healthy Communities: Life expectancy, 2009–2011

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Indicator
Indicator type:Indicator
Short name:Life expectancy at birth
METeOR identifier:527641
Registration status:National Health Performance Authority (retired), Retired 01/07/2016
Description:The average number of years a person could expect to live if they experienced the age/sex specific death rates that applied at their birth throughout their lifetime.
Indicator set:National Health Performance Authority: Healthy Communities: 2011– National Health Performance Authority (retired), Retired 01/07/2016

Collection and usage attributes

Computation description:

Life expectancy for total population is calculated for a rolling 3-year period and reported annually.

Presented as:

-number of years

-difference between male and female life expectancies at birth (total population).


Calculated using customised life tables produced by the ABS. Life expectancy at birth for Medicare Locals and at higher levels have been calculated with reference to state/territory and Australian life tables (where appropriate), using Brass' Logit System. Brass' Logit technique enables the calculation of smooth abridged life tables for regions which may have a small number of deaths, by adjusting the age-specific death rates with reference to a standard life table. The technique does not alter the overall level of mortality, but the age-specific functions of the life table are smoothed.

Numerator data elements:
Data Element / Data SetPerson—life expectancy, total years N[NN]
Data Source
ABS Life Tables
Guide for use
Data source type: Census based and administrative by-product data

By Sex, Medicare Local catchments and Medicare Local peer groups   

Disaggregation data elements:
Data Element / Data SetAdministrative health region—Medicare Local peer group, code N
Data Element / Data SetAdministrative health region—Medicare Local identifier, code AANNN
Data Element / Data SetPerson—sex, code N

Representational attributes

Representation class:Mean (average)
Data type:Real
Unit of measure:Time (e.g. days, hours)

Indicator conceptual framework

Framework and dimensions:PAF-Effectiveness

Data source attributes

Data sources:
Data SourceABS Life Tables
Data custodian
Australian Bureau of Statistics

Accountability attributes

Reporting requirements:National Health Performance Agreement-Performance and Accountability Framework
Organisation responsible for providing data:Australian Bureau of Statistics
Accountability:National Health Performance Authority
Further data development / collection required:

Specification: Long-term

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:National Health Performance Authority
Origin:Healthy Communities
Reference documents:National Health Performance Agreement-Performance and Accountability Framework