Provider registration cluster

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Set Specification
METeOR identifier:524039
Registration status:Health, Standard 05/10/2016
DSS type:Data Element Cluster

The Provider registration cluster includes data elements that define information on the registration of individual service providers.

Collection and usage attributes


The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) for health practitioners regulates the following professions: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice; Chinese medicine; chiropractic; dental practice; medicine; medical radiation practice; nursing and midwifery; occupational therapy; optometry; osteopathy; pharmacy; physiotherapy; podiatry and psychology.

Each profession has a National Board which regulates the profession, registers practitioners and develops standards, codes and guidelines for the profession.

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Reference documents:

Standards Australia 2014. AS 4846:2014 Person and provider identification in healthcare. Sydney: Standards Australia.

Relational attributes

Implementation in Data Set Specifications:

Healthcare provider qualification and registration cluster Health, Standard 05/10/2016

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

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Seq No.Metadata item Obligation Max occurs
1Individual service provider—provider registration sequence number, identifier NNNMandatory1
2Individual service provider—registration division, code (ANZSCO 2013 Version 1.2) N[NNN]{NN}Mandatory1
3Individual service provider—registration type, code NOptional1
4Individual service provider—registration subtype, code NNConditional1
5Individual service provider—registration status, code NMandatory1
6Individual service provider—current registration substatus, code NConditional1
7Individual service provider—registration start date, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
8Individual service provider—registration end date, DDMMYYYYOptional1
9Individual service provider—specialty name, code (ANZSCO 2013 Version 1.2) N[NNN]{NN}Conditional1
10Individual service provider—field of specialty practice, code (ANZSCO 2013 Version 1.2) N[NNN]{NN}Conditional1
11Date—accuracy indicator, code AAAMandatory2