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Data Source

The data source is a specific data set, database and reference from where data are sourced. Wherein a data source is used multiple times (ie. used in both the numerator and denominator) it will only be listed once in the data source field of an indicator. A data source can only be created and edited by a METeOR Registrar.

A data source is not mandatory to use with an Indicator but is highly recommended.

The linking of a data source with an indicator provides more robust information to the user of METeOR. For example, the data source for Survey of Disability, Ageing and Caring (SDAC) is linked to the quality statement National Disability Agreement: e.3-Proportion of potential population expressing unmet demand for disability support services, 2010 QS. This information not only provides the user with the indicator metadata but also metadata and links to the data source.

Below is a graphical representation of the relationship between data sources and related metadata item types.

Figure: Diagrammatic representation of data sourc relationships in METeOR metadata structures.

Figure: Diagrammatic representation of data source relationships in METeOR metadata structures.