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Indicator set

An indicator set is an agreement that defines the overall objectives and outputs that are measured using performance indicators or against performance benchmarks. The indicator set is usually based on a particular service sector or funding model that has a clearly defined governance structure. The aim of the indicator set is that improvements in service delivery are measured and achieved.

Indicator sets have three attributes which are unique within METeOR:

  • Indicator set type,
  • Outcome areas linked to this indicator set, and
  • Indicators linked to this indicator set.

The union of a specific indicator set with a specific outcome area and an indicator creates a performance indicator for a specific agreement. For example, the National Disability Agreement indicator set can be combined with People with disability achieve economic participation and social inclusion outcome area and Labour force participation rate for people with disability aged 15-64 years, 2011 indicator to create the performance indicator, National Disability Agreement: a(3)-Labour force participation rate for people with disability aged 15-64 years, 2011.

Below is a graphical representation of the relationship between indicator sets and related metadata item types.


Indicator set metadata structures

Figure: Diagrammatic representation of indicator set relationships in METeOR metadata structures.