Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification, Second edition, 2006

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Classification Scheme
METeOR identifier:453855
Registration status:Disability, Standard 13/08/2015
Community Services (retired), Standard 06/02/2012
Definition:The Australian Bureau of Statistics classification of industries.
Classification structure:

The structure of ANZSIC is a hierarchical classification with four levels: Divisions (the broadest level), Subdivisions, Groups and Classes (the finest level).

At the Divisional level, the main purpose is to provide a limited number of categories which provide a broad overall picture of the economy and are suitable for the publication of summary tables in official statistics. The Subdivision, Group and Class levels provide increasingly detailed dissections of these categories for the compilation of more specific and detailed statistics.

Conceptual framework

The conceptual framework adopted for the development of ANZSIC 2006 uses supply-side based industry definitions and groupings. Business units engaged in similar productive activities are grouped together.

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:This 2006 edition of the ANZSIC replaces the 1993 edition.

Source and reference attributes

Origin:Australian Bureau of Statistics
Reference documents:Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006. Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Industries, Second Edition, Cat no. 1292.0 Canberra: ABS. Viewed 7 July 2011.

Relational attributes

Value Domains based on this classification scheme:

Industry type (ANZSIC 2nd edition) code NN[NN] Disability, Standard 13/08/2015
Community Services (retired), Standard 06/02/2012