Chemotherapy start date

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Metadata item type:Property
METeOR identifier:413837
Registration status:Health, Standard 07/12/2011
Definition:The date on which chemotherapy commenced.

Chemotherapy is the treatment of disease by means of chemical substances or drugs; usually used in reference to neoplastic disease. Chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer achieves its antitumour effect through the use of antineoplastic drugs that inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells by interfering with DNA synthesis and mitosis.

Chemotherapy may involve treatment with a single agent or a combination of two or more drugs that are administered in treatment cycles and according to a prespecified regimen or protocol.

Property group:Entry into service event

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Submitting organisation:Cancer Australia
Reference documents:

Stedman TL 2006. Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition. Maryland: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins page 358

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Cancer treatment—chemotherapy start date Health, Superseded 08/05/2014

Cancer treatment—chemotherapy start date Health, Standard 08/05/2014