Australian Classification for Source of Income 2010

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Classification Scheme
METeOR identifier:412558
Registration status:Housing assistance, Standard 23/08/2010
Homelessness, Superseded 10/08/2018
Disability, Standard 13/08/2015

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) classification for sources from which persons, income units, families and households receive income. 'Sources of income' applies to all persons, income units, families and households reporting a value for 'Total income' in surveys.

Classification structure:

The classification is a three level hierarchal classification that groups sources of income at the broad, narrow and detailed levels.

At the broad, or top, level of the classification for 'Total income', the income components are grouped according to whether they are received from:

  • an employer, including their own incorporated business
  • a profit or loss from their own unincorporated business
  • a government pension or allowance paid by a government entity under social security and related government programs
  • any other source. This is output as 'Other income'.

At the narrow, or second, level of the classification, 'Any other source' is classified according to whether income is received from:

  • investments, that is income received as a result of the ownership of financial and non-financial assets
  • superannuation pensions and annuities
  • other current transfers.

At the detailed, or third, level of the classification, investment income, government pensions and allowances and other current transfers are further broken down into their component groupings.

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:

An individual may receive income from more than one source. 'Total income' is the sum of the following income components, before income tax and the Medicare Levy are taken out:

  • employee income
  • profit or loss from self employment (own unincorporated business income)
  • government pensions and allowances
  • investment income
  • superannuation pensions and annuities
  • other current transfers received.

Source and reference attributes


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010. Standards for Income Variables, 2010 Cat no. 1287.0 Canberra: ABS. Viewed 2 August 2010.

Revision status:

If you require further information about this classification please email: or telephone the Standards Support Hotline on (02) 6252 5736.

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Related metadata references:

Has been superseded by Australian Classification for Sources of Income 2015 Homelessness, Standard 10/08/2018

Value Domains based on this classification scheme:

Sources of income code NNNN Housing assistance, Standard 23/08/2010
Homelessness, Standard 23/08/2010
Disability, Standard 13/08/2015
Community Services (retired), Standard 10/04/2013