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AIHW Public Rental Housing

Identifying and definitional attributes

Item type:Help on this termData Source
Description:Help on this termPublic rental housing tenancies covered by the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement. Included are households residing in public rental dwellings where the dwelling is either:
• owned by the housing authority; or
• leased from the private sector or other housing program areas and used for provision of
public rental housing.
This collection aims to exclude properties administered under community housing
programs, Indigenous housing programs, and crisis and emergency accommodation
programs for people who are homeless or who are experiencing other crises. Therefore,
public rental properties leased to other program areas such as community housing, crisis
accommodation and state owned and managed Indigenous housing are excluded.
Properties no longer under the administration of the property manager/agency at 30 June
of the financial year including properties demolished, sold or disposed of, and properties not yet available to the property manager/agency at 30 June (such as those still under construction or being purchased) are also excluded.

Collection and usage attributes

Frequency:Help on this termAnnual

Source and reference attributes

Data custodian:Help on this termAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare.