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National Disability Agreement: h-Interim Proportion of carers of people with disability accessing support services to assist in their caring role, 2010 QS

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Metadata item type:Help on this termQuality Statement
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Registration status:Help on this termCommunity Services (retired), Superseded 15/12/2011

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National Disability Agreement: h-Proportion of carers of people with disability accessing support services to assist in their caring role (h-interim), 2010 Community Services (retired), Superseded 15/12/2011

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Institutional environment:Help on this termThe AIHW is an Australian Government statutory authority accountable to Parliament and operates under the provisions of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987. The AIHW provides expert analysis of data on health, housing and community services. More information about the AIHW is available on the AIHW website.
For general issues relating to the CSTDA NMDS, refer to the CSTDA NMDS Data Quality Statement.
Timeliness:Help on this termCSTDA NMDS 2007-08
Accessibility:Help on this termThe AIHW provides a variety of products that draw upon the CSTDA NMDS. Published products available on the AIHW website are:
• Disability support services (annual report)
• Interactive disability data cubes
• Ad hoc data are available on request (charges apply to recover costs)
• METeOR – online metadata repository
• National Community Services Data Dictionary.
Interpretability:Help on this termInformation to assist in interpretation of the performance indicator is contained in the NDA performance indicator glossary, which accompanies these Data Quality Statements.
Supporting information on the quality and use of the CSTDA NMDS are published annually in ‘Disability support services’ available in hard copy or on the AIHW website (<>).
Relevance:Help on this termCSTDA NMDS data are generated by processes that deliver services to people. It is assumed that these processes involve the determination of eligibility and the assessment of disability support needs following broadly consistent principles across jurisdictions. However, this assumption is untested.
For general issues relating to the CSTDA NMDS, refer to the CSTDA NMDS Data Quality Statement.
The interim indicator is sourced from the 2007–08 NMDS and provides information about the informal carers of people who use specialist disability services. The data collected in the NMDS is a subset of the entire population of carers of people with disability. It should be noted that the CSTDA NMDS counts people with informal carers; it does not count carers. Limited data on carers is available, and the NMDS count of people with carers may not be an accurate measure of the number of individual carers.
For the numerator, services other than those provided under the National Disability Agreement (i.e. outside the CSTDA NMDS) may also assist carers of people with disability in their caring role, such as those provided by the Home and Community Care (HACC) program. These are not included in this interim indicator.
The scope of services funded under the CSTDA varied across jurisdictions. Users of specialist psychiatric disability services in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia are included in the NDA performance indicators. There were 3,502 people aged 0–64 years with an informal carer in Victoria who used only specialist psychiatric disability services in 2007–08, 599 in Queensland and 45 in Western Australia. Other states and territories did not fund specialist psychiatric services under the CSTDA.
Accuracy:Help on this termA potential source of error in the CSTDA NMDS is people for whom carer information is not stated or not collected. Carer identification has improved over time: the overall not stated/not collected rate for the existence of a carer has decreased from approximately twenty percent for the 2003-04 to 2005-06 NMDS to the current level of 8.5% for the 2007–08 NMDS. However, not stated/not collected rates for carer data items vary substantially across jurisdictions, with, for example, rates above thirty percent for Queensland and below five percent for Tasmania. See the accompanying appendix for further details. Not stated or not collected carer information may introduce bias into the results affecting both the accuracy of estimates and the comparability of estimates across jurisdictions. In addition, a coding audit of carer data items has not been undertaken, thus the accuracy of the carer information in the NMDS is not known.
Coherence:Help on this termIssue of scope: any marked differences across the states and territories in carer access to the disability service system will reduce the usefulness of this interim measure for comparison purposes (i.e. there may be vastly different proportions of carers outside the service system).
For general issues relating to the CSTDA NMDS, refer to the CSTDA NMDS Data Quality Statement.

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