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Tier 3: Health system performance

Dimensions of this framework

  • Accessibility

    People can obtain health care at the right place and the right time, irrespective of income, physical location and cultural background.
  • Continuity of care

    Ability to provide uninterrupted, coordinated care or service across programs, practitioners, organisations and levels over time.
  • Effectiveness

    Care/intervention/action provided is relevant to the client’s needs and based on established standards. Care, intervention or action achieves the desired outcome.
  • Efficiency and sustainability

    Achieving desired results with most cost-effective use of resources. Capacity of system to sustain workforce and infrastructure, to innovate and respond to emerging needs.
  • Responsiveness

    Service is client oriented. Clients are treated with dignity, confidentiality, and encouraged to participate in choices related to their care.
  • Safety

    The avoidance, or reduction to acceptable limits, of actual or potential harm from health-care management or the environment in which health care is delivered.