About Indicators

The development of indicators in METeOR improves quality, relevance, consistency and the availability of national information about the health and welfare of Australians. The drivers for standard development arise from the need for better information - whether it is statistical, administrative, clinical or other information. This ensures the data used in statistics is compatible and it facilitates National and International interoperability.

Information management groups and committees in the community services, health and housing assistance sectors have endorsed the use of METeOR for Council of Australian Governments (COAG) performance indicators to ensure compliance with the intergovernmental agreements of a National registry of Performance Indicators.

What is the value of METeOR to PI development

Related indicator information

Indicator metadata item types

Indicators are endorsed as standards by the relevant registration authority. There are a five metadata types that make up the suite of indicator templates.

Indicator and Quality Statement templates

Select this link to view and download templates in Word and/or PDF. Please note these templates are included in the suite of templates available in all METeOR workgroups.

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