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National Indigenous Reform Agreement: P01-Estimated life expectancy at birth, 2010 QS

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National Indigenous Reform Agreement: P01-Estimated life expectancy at birth, 2010 Community Services (retired), Superseded 04/04/2011

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Institutional environment:Help on this termFor information on the institutional environment of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), including the legislative obligations of the ABS, financing and governance arrangements, and mechanisms for scrutiny of ABS operations, please see ABS Institutional Environment.
Timeliness:Help on this termEstimates of Indigenous and non-Indigenous life expectancy at birth are available every five years, with 2005–2007 estimates released in May 2009. The most recent estimates used a different methodology and therefore are not comparable with previous estimates. Life expectancy estimates for 2010–2012 are expected to be produced using a similar methodology to that used for the 2005–2007 estimates.
Accessibility:Help on this termThe ABS Indigenous life expectancy estimates are published on the ABS website, see Experimental Life Tables for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, Australia, 2005–07.
Interpretability:Help on this termPlease view Explanatory Notes and Glossary that provide information on the data sources, terminology, classifications and other technical aspects associated with these statistics.
Relevance:Help on this termExperimental life tables for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians from which life expectancy at birth estimates were sourced, were produced to enable the construction of the ABS experimental estimates and projections of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of Australia for the period 1991 to 2021.
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Compilation of life tables requires complete and accurate data on deaths that occur in a period, and reliable estimates of the population exposed to the risk of dying during that period. These data are required by age and sex so as to calculate age-sex specific death rates.

Methods used to produce life tables for the Indigenous population are designed to account for quality issues that exist with registrations of Indigenous deaths and Indigenous population estimates. For example, there are a number of factors which may contribute to under-identification of Indigenous deaths in death registrations records (the Indigenous identification rate was estimated at 92 per cent nationally for 2006-07). In addition, there are quality issues associated with Indigenous population estimates, such as undercount of the Indigenous population in the Census (estimated at 11.5 per cent for the 2006 Census), and non-response to the Indigenous status question on the Census form. Due to the inherent uncertainties in these data, the life tables should be considered as experimental and as such, care should be exercised when interpreting them.

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Estimates of life expectancy at birth for Indigenous Australians are commonly used as a measure for assessing Indigenous population health and disadvantage.

Due to significant changes in methodology, the ABS strongly advises that comparisons between 2005–2007 estimates of Indigenous life expectancy at birth and previously published estimates should not be made. Differences should not be interpreted as measuring changes in Indigenous life expectancy over time.

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Has been superseded by National Indigenous Reform Agreement: PI 01-Estimated life expectancy at birth, 2014 QS Indigenous, Archived 17/02/2016

Has been superseded by National Indigenous Reform Agreement: PI 01-Estimated life expectancy at birth, 2015-16; Quality Statement Indigenous, Archived 07/02/2018

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